3.5. S2Container configuration file

Various setup of S2Container is set up as a property of seasar\container\Config class.


When loading DICON file of XML form, it is set up whether DTD verification is performed.

seasar\container\Config::$DOM_VALIDATE = false;


The Parser class of DICON file is registered for each extension.

seasar\container\Config::$CONTAINER_BUILDERS = array(
                      'dicon' => 'seasar\container\factory\XmlS2ContainerBuilder',
                      'xml'   => 'seasar\container\factory\XmlS2ContainerBuilder');


Even when the default value of a property is null, it is set up whether automatic injection is performed.

seasar\container\Config::$PROPERTY_TYPEHINT_NULL = false;


The type hint key of the property by which automatic injection is done is set up.

seasar\container\Config::$PROPERTY_TYPEHINT_KEY = 'S2Binding';

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